Forgotten 50 Spirits

Our Head Distiller Cody meticulously crafts each small-batch spirit with a master's touch - carefully selecting ingredients, monitoring distillation, and ensuring every bottle meets his exceptional standards. His artistry and commitment to quality shines through in Forgotten 50's smooth, handcrafted libations.
Before joining the Forgotten 50 team, Cody honed his distilling skills while becoming an expert at the craft at renowned breweries and distilleries across Delmarva. With years of experience precisely executing distillation processes, he developed an uncompromising commitment to quality and an knack for crafting unique flavor profiles. Now leading our own distillation program, Cody brings that meticulous expertise along with his own creative flair. He carefully selects each ingredient, monitors every step of the distillation, and adds his own unique personal touches to craft spirits that are both exceptionally smooth and full of distinctive flavor. From our vodka to our gin, you can taste Cody's passion and artistry in every sip. His small batches allow for the utmost attention to detail and quality control that sets Forgotten 50's handcrafted libations apart. 

Distilling Process

Artfully distilled in small batches for uncompromising craftsmanship

Premium Ingredients

Our master distillers meticulously source the finest ingredients to craft unparalleled spirits.

Distillation Mastery

With precise monitoring and timing, our distiller carefully controls temperatures to extract the purest essences.

Refinement and Finishing

Through meticulous filtration and delicate finishing techniques, our vodka and gin achieve exceptional smoothness and bright, balanced flavor profiles.


Every bottle is then carefully hand-filled, capped and labeled to ensure superior quality from distillation to your first sip.
Forgotten 50 Distilling Gin

Botanically Infused Gin

Our premium gin is infused with a bright, herbaceous blend of hand-selected botanicals for an aromatic, distinctly crisp flavor.
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Forgotten 50 Distilling Vodka

Ultra-Smooth Vodka

Distilled from the finest grains and filtered to velvety perfection, our vodka offers an incredibly clean, smooth taste ideal for sipping or mixing.